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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 29, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hello, everyone. i'm tamron hamp this is "newsnation." we start things off with break news from mexico city. an explosion outside a maternity and children's hospital there. officials say a gas tank truck exploded right outside the building, and there are at least three fatalities and 54 others are injured, including many children. we're told reuters correspondent michael o'boyle joins us on the phone. he's in mexico city. what can you tell us. >> reporter: we have some more information. we now have security officials, emergency rescue officials confirming that there has been at least seven deaths four children in the blast that shook the hospital this morning. >> and can you give us more information or at least have authorities giving more details on this gas tank truck and what it was doing there and perhaps why it exploded. >> well you know there was clearly an accident. you know in mexico city many
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parts of the city you know many areas use local gas tanks that are filled by trucks you know, that move around the city so there couldn't have been an accident when a gas truck was filling up the hospital's gas tank. you know this happened early this morning. the explosion was huge. it sent a column of smoke into the sky that was visible across the city. the scene at the ground looks absolutely terrifying. about a third of the hospital collapsed. you know emergency service personnel, you know are scrambling you know, through the wreckage right now looking to make sure if there are any survivors or any more dead. again, they are confirming that three adults are dead and four children. >> and to your point we're looking at some of the images coming in where you see the building has collapsed there. there's still flames visible at least in the images that we're getting into us. give us some perspective on the size of this hospital and the number of people who could have been perhaps even in there.
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>> you know we're still trying to confirm, you know about how many people could have been in the hospital at the time of the blast. you know initial reports said about 50 people were evacuated. we had dozens of women and children who were taken to other area hospitals. mostly with not serious injuries, but, again, they look like pretty horrible horrible injuries, maybe superficial from flying glass when the truck exploded. >> and we're looking again at video coming in from mexico city. around the hospital, michael, we see a great bit of land around it, but at least the one other reasonably tall building not very far away. what sells around that hospital? >> well you know this is -- it's in a neighborhood that's much like many parts of mexico city. there's parts of it that are very rich right next to areas that are quite poor. we don't have any indication at all that this fire is spreading to other buildings, that there
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was structural damage to any other place nearby the hospital. >> okay. again, we're following this break news from mexico city where right now authorities say there's been seven fatalities four of them children at this hospital in mexico city a maternity and children's hospital. we just spoke with a reporter from reuters, thank you, michael, who indicated as many as 50 people may have been evacuated from there. an unknown number of people inside at the time of the explosion. a gas tank truck exploded right in front. the images are heartbreaking as you can see right now on your screen. it appears a child being treated there. the scene is still very chaotic. you see some flames still near i believe what would have been a tanker truck so we'll see following this breaking news but right now mexico city, children's hospital. seven fatalities at this point. four of them at least children and many others injured and at least half of the 54 people injured, we're told are children. we'll keep you up to date on
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that breaking news. now we'll turn to another break story that we're following this hour. a deadline issued by isis earlier today to kill another hostage has now passed. that deadline was set in a new audio recording released overnight that appears to be from japanese hostage kenji goto. >> i'm kenji goto jogo. this is a message that i've been told to send to you. >> he goes on to say that the jordanian military pilot isis is also holding will be executed as well. that is unless jordan turns over a female iraqi terrorist it is holding at the turkey-syria border by sunset. that woman -- that was an hour and a half ago. this was the scene minutes ago along that very border. you can actually see it's dark there, nothing. no activity. jordan said yesterday it is willing to make that swap but a couple of hours ago jordanian
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officials said the country needs proof that the pilot is still alive. jordan also said any exchange must include both its pilot and the japanese hostage. isis claims it already executed another japanese hostage it was holding. that exaccuse they claimed, took place saturday. joining me now is a former army ranger and former agent in the cia's counterterrorism center. thank you so much for joining us? thank you so much for having me on. >> as we indicated, this deadline has passed. but so many people are wondering why this iraqi female terrorist sajida al rishawi is so important to isis and why they are willing to make this exchange for her. you are familiar with her case. were you with the cia when her bomb failed to detonate but her husband was killed. >> that's correct. sajida is an iraqi woman from western iraq and she and her husband, among others attacked three hotels in amman, jordan in 2005. now, the other suicide attackers
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were successful in detonating their device. she was not, and she was picked up a day or two later when she returned to her safe house. what's significant about her, it's not only her specifically but her family was deeply involved in isis' predecessor group. her brothers were all killed by coalition forces and one of her -- one of her brothers was actually an aid or advisor to abu musab al zarqawi which was the founder to the isis predecessor grip. there's a history going back well over a decade to the very beginning of the war in iraq. >> why would jordan make this trade? obviously at this point they want proof that the pilot is still alive, but why trade for his return. >> well so there's -- it's an interesting story with sajida because, you know on the one and there's a lot of reputation there. she was a media sensation after the attack.
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obviously this -- jordan calls it their 11/9 the attack conducted on the 9th of november. but after she failed in the attack and was arrested she was paraded on television and she talked about the attack. she didn't really show any emotion about it but she was shown wearing a mock-up of the suicide vest and created a stir and jordanians in general responded very negatively to her involvement in that attack. from the jordanian perspective now, despite the media sensation she is, there's no evidence to really indicate she's any sort of terrorist mastermine. people should keep in mind her device didn't go off because she forgot part of the triggering device in her car and then after -- after she failed -- she failed in the attack didn't really same to be a great plan "b" and was picked up a few days later when she went back to the safe house. from isis' perfect thrive's a propaganda coup to be had here but, you know she's not going
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to go back and become a leader of isis. >> we'll continue to follow this breaking news. kevin, thanks so much for joining us. at this pain the deadline has passed. we've heard nothing from jordan or any statement videos from isis at this point indicating that they have carried out those executions. thank you again for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> we're following developing news at home and the drastic measures being taken as a result of the measles outbreak that's spreading now to even more states. in california 66 students have been told they cannot come back to school for at least seven days because they have no record of having been vaccinated and now there are even suggestions parents who don't vaccinate should pay a fee or even go to jail. we'll have more on that in a minute but first right now, the numbers, the number of cases linked to california is now up to 95 in eight states and mexico. more than half of those cases are linked directly to disneyland. the case was confirmed in minnesota this morning, but authorities do not think it is connected. now, in arizona officials are
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monitoring about 1,000 people including 200 children who viv been exposed by a woman visiting a hospital. nbc's halle jackson hats very latest from that hospital. >> reporter: tamron this children's health clinic here in mesa has signs up talking about the symptoms of measles so people know what to look for and warning folks that if you have any of these signs of the disease you should put a mask on and tell the receptionist right away. another sign of just how one case, one person coming to this clinic with the virus could put potentially exponentially many more people at risk. this morning some 200 people who may have been exposed to meatles are monitoring their children and themselves after adults infected with the virus visited health care centers in california and in arizona where the brushes live. >> i've been informed it was an adult woman who was unvaccinated that exposed my child at a
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facility for high-risk children. it's bad because it's preventible. >> reporter: a california man who visited the labor and delivery floor of a fresno hospital told health officials he thinks he was immunized when younger but he became infect with the virus anyway. a simple measles shot can be 95% effective. two can boost that statistic closer to 99%. >> the measles outbreak is now a concern for everyone adults and children, because it's galloping from state to state so if you've not been vaccinated or if you're never sure if you've ever had the infection play it safe and get the vaccination. >> reporter: even if you were immunized as a child you may want to consider a booster. >> as we get older our immune systems aren't as strong and that makes everybody a little more vulnerable. >> reporter: it's why adam weintraub just visited his doctor for a shot. >> i'm 37 years old, and the last time i had a measles shot is when i was 13 so when my doctor recommended it i just
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said, yeah this is a good idea. i should go ahead and do it. >> reporter: he lives in southern california where more than half the measles cases, 61%, affect adults and every reported measles patient in nearby orange county is over the age of 18. experts are brace for more reported measles cases across country, some some states are hoping to stop this virus in its tracks. one california high school, for example, is sending home more than 60 students for up to a week because those kids haven't been vaccinate. tamron. >> thanks, and since the outbreak started a lot of criticism aimed at parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. over the last few days a number of opinion pieces have appeared online taking it a step further suggesting even harsh punishment for those parents. in fact, look at the "l.a. times." the report was the disneyland measles crisis. how to make negligent parents pay, and in "usa today" jail anti-vax parents. joining me now is nick diamond, a health care attorney general who o'caughtored a paper saying
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parents who don't vaccinate should be sued and joining me on the phone is dr. nancy cass professor of ethics and public health from johns hopkins school of health. doctor, let me start with you. it's mentioned you have several students being told they cannot return to school because they have not been vaccinated. are you concerned that other schools will follow this or is that the right approach? >> yeah. i think it is the right approach. the job of public health is to keep people safe and to keep them in environments that are safe. what public health really wants to do is require all kids to be vaccinated. there was a lot of pressure from parents to change the laws in california and loosen things up so parents could choose not to vaccinate their kids. at this point what public health can do is send kids home who haven't been vaccinated. >> one father who won't vaccinate his child, he was quoted in one of the articles as saying i don't want anyone to get measles, but you have to make it easier for the parents through the health system to do it right way. pounding three live viruses into
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somebody at 1 years old is devastating. what would you say to that parent? >> i would say to the parent i understand why vaccinations sound scary, but the good news is we have millions of children who have been vaccinated in the united states and globally that demonstrate that it's a safe thing to do. the only logical reason why patients wouldn't get their kids vaccinated is if they can bank on the fact that everybody else is going to get vaccinated. it's sort of like saying i don't want to pay taxes but society will still work okay as long as everybody else pays theirs. >> nick let me bring into this conversation. as mentioned you wrote a paper two years ago making the case that perhaps perhaps should be sued. do you see this as an issue of negligence? >> yeah, i do. this particular situation, it was a hypothetical at the time and very real now, is what happens when you have a child get sick due to another child who wasn't vaccinated based on that parent's choice and whether
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those parents who didn't have their child vaccinated could be held liable. the case that we tried to make out in the paper was that you know it's not really a slam dunk in terms of suing for negligence, but there is a pretty strong case and it's gotten a bit of interest particularly with this situation we have going on now. >> you say it's gotten a bit of interest. have you heard from some parents who say that it is something that they would perhaps pursue to your point. when you wrote this paper it was a hypothetical. not at this point of some 990 cases or around that being reported. >> right. i've not heard any directly but i've heard from some colleagues that this sort of thing is starting to come up a bit more and it's a bit difficult to track pending suits, you know a lot of things like this might be dismissed or might be settled and never actually see a courtroom, but level of interest really shows that the law can work as a tool to help affect positive public health changes. >> dr. cass let me bring you in as a bioet sieve. how does that make you feel that
8:15 am
there's even a conversation regarding suing these parents, and as dr. nancy, our league pointed out in her piece, you know, people still need to get boosters so if you don't get a booster are you opening yourself up for litigation? where does it end? >> yeah, you know i hate to see lawsuits around something like this that was so preventible. it seems hike what public health has been advocating for a long time and we know works is to have rules that say that if your child is medically able to be vaccinated, which is almost all children, you need to do that and that keeps us safe. it keeps america safe in terms of all these completely preventible diseases. to turn around and say, well parents, you can do what you want and then you'll get sued as a problem seems like a backwards way to do it. public health is about prevention, not about getting money when really bad things happen. >> dr. cass thing thank you, nick thank you. people should check out what you've written. >> appreciate it. >> by the way, the question of whether or not people should be sued. that will be our gut check.
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you can weigh in on whether you think that's going to go too far or whether you think parents should be sued if something goes wrong. there are new threats of severe winter weather and more snow as the northeast tries to dig out from this week's blizzard. how can we forget it. the latest forecast is next and we have more rough weather ahead. also ahead, the one super bowl ad that is not selling anything, but it may have the biggest impact of them all. >> is someone in the room with you? just say yes or no. >> yes. >> the chilling phone call a real 911 call being used in a super bowl commercial paid for by the nfl to bring awareness to domestic violence after, of course, the huge scandal that rocked that league. i'm talk to the woman who co-founded the group behind the ad and we'll play more of it for you and join our conversation online. can you find my team @newsnation
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welcome back. the northeast is preparing for more snow just days after a blizzard dumped up to three feet on parts of the region. a fast moving storm could bring 6 to possibly 12 inches to northern new england today and into tomorrow. forecasters are tracking another system that could move in on super bowl sunday and cause some real travel problems on money. people in massachusetts are still digging out from the last storm, and we are starting to see more amazing images that show just how bad the blizzard was in some places. take a look at this picture. this is a town of hull. that's on the south shore. a huge wave at high tide about
8:21 am
to swallow a beach front home. there you see the video there, the picture there, that's incredible, and look at this one from the island of nantucket. still recovering this morning after being encased in ice there. the spray from the waves freezing everything it touched as the storm moved through. nbc's dylan dreyer is in nantucket with the very latest for us there. >> reporter: hey tamron we're here on nantucket, quintessential new england town that was completely cut off and without power during the height of the storm as blizzard hit. now we're starting to see things back to life. made it over on one of the first ferries back over here yesterday and we shared the ride with tons of utility vehicles and supply trucks and fuel trucks and everything trying to get this island back up and running, and that's exactly what we're seeing. we apparently picked one of the busier intersections in town. folks are out and people are driving by. the good news, most of this island has their power restored.
8:22 am
already have the schools back open. by the way, boston public schools are still closed at this time, go figure and the ferry service and airports are back up and running so this island is reconnected, and the new england spirit lives on. they are just waiting for the next storm. have to watch one for sunday and monday, and as of right now the forecast is a little bit in question. we'll have to watch it because there's a possibility we could see more snow around here, of course, the last thing anybody wants to hear. >> up next the one super bowl ad that stands above the rest honestly. a new psa tackling domestic violence. that's being called the most important super bowl commercial you should see. and more than ten months after the malaysian airlines plane vanished, officials now say the search for survivors is over. it is one of the stories we're updating from around the "newsnation."
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super bowl aside, of course, from the score. the nfl teamed up with anti-domestic violence campaign no more for this chilling new public service announcement set to run during the game. >> what's going on there? >> i'd like to order a pizza for delivery. >> ma'am, you've reached 91. this is an emergency line. >> large are half pepperoni, half mushrooms. >> is everything okay over there? do you have an emergency over there or not? >> yes. >> and you're unable to talk because -- >> right right. >> is there someone in the room with you, just say yes or no. >> yes. >> okay. it looks like i have an officer about a mile from your location. are there any weapons in your home? >> no. >> can you stay on the phone? >> no. >> see you soon thank you. >> the spot is from a 911 call from a story that went viral after it was posted on reddit.
8:27 am
the nfl donated the production costs for the psa along with the air time which this years runs $4.5 million for the 30-second spot. the no more campaign was behind a series of psas featuring celebrities and former nfl players that aired after a series of incidents involving players. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for having me tamron. >> this particular call why -- there's so many of them? >> yes? and we've heard -- we've both been at events where they played actual 911 calls. you hear what happens in a home and it's chilling. this call though why this one? >> because i think it -- i think it conveys a message that domestic violence and sexual assault are happening in homes every day. as a matter of fact, every 24 seconds someone is a victim of
8:28 am
domestic violence and sexual assault in this country. it's hidden. it's silent and you get a sense of that hiddenness and that fear in this call so the message is we have to pay attention and we have to listen and respond if we see domestic violence and sexual assault. >> anne, that's an excellent point, the hiddenness of it all. when you first heart call the psa, you don't know what you're listening, to and i can imagine super bowl sunday you'll have people ordering beats yeah, and that's the kind of thing that stops you. you wonder what am i listening to? >> yes, yes, and that's what's so wonderful about having this ad at the super bowl. we have an opportunity now to reach millions of people with the message that we have to pay attention to domestic violence and sexual assault in this country, and i also believe that all the domestic violence and assault organizations across country will benefit from this ad. people will call their shelters. people will call the hotline and
8:29 am
we'll save lines. >> will the nfl benefit from showing this ad? we know that they paid for it. after scandal with ray rice and a series of other events well before this case, well documented and many have gone through the courts. does this help the nfl's brand, or does this convince women who are survivors, men who are survivors, families that this league, this important league is not just trying to put on a shiny face? >> right, right. >> that they do want to help. >> i think it does demonstrate a significant commitment by using this air time at the super bowl to convey this message to millions, and i think it should also motivate other corporations and other organizations to take a look at their own policies and how they are communicating about domestic violence and sexual assault to their employees. >> and to the point that we made earlier, this is not the only other ad. ads have been running throughout the regular season. >> yes. >> what has been you feel the response overall? >> the response has just been overwhelming, and the other ads
8:30 am
that have been run during the season were developed by joyful heart, and they have had such a big impact. calls to the hotline have increased significantly, and people going to no more organization have tripled and quadruple. i really do believe we're saving lives by having these ads on air. >> you know it's through pain and tragedy that sometimes we grow, and when you look at what has happened so publicly were it not for that this ad would not be in the middle of the super bowl. >> absolutely right. >> us a pointed out, lives will perhaps have been saved as a result. thank you so much for your time an thank you for your commitment to survivors of domestic violence and educating the world on what we need to know >> thank you >> thank you for yours, too. >> we'll right back. you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg.
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introducing... a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. welcome back. we are going to take you back to the breaking news out of mexico city. at least seven people are dead after an explosion outside a maternity and children's hospital.
8:34 am
54 others were wounded including 22 children. many were injured we're told by flying glass. jose martinez joins us on the phone. he's the information director for the mexico city mayor. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much. good morning to you and to your audience. >> thank you. can you tell me what is happening as far as the rescue attempts of those who may still be in that building. >> well, the rescue efforts are ongoing. everything is changing minute by minute, but for now the information we have is that at25 injured people have been taken to hospitals in the area. >> of the seven confirmed fatalities many children and at least four of the victims are children. can you tell us what happened. we know at this point or we've been told that a tanker exploded right in front of the building. had a more can you tell us.
8:35 am
>> well at 7:05 this morning, the tanker exploded. the causes are really not known for this moment but we'll have information during the day. >> how many people were evacuated from the hospital? >> well i don't have the number of how many people was inside but i was telling you that 52 were taken out, but there's worries that there's more people inside under the debris. >> from just the activity we see it looks to be a very busy hospital. to your point around 7:00 in the morning i would imagine there would be many patients the children's hospital many children inside there at the time of this explosion. >> yes, that's right. it's a hospital made especially for children so we have a lot
8:36 am
of babies. we have there a lot of underage people and also doctors and nurses and we have also fire fighters with some intoxication because of the gas and the fire of course. >> we know the scene is very chaotic and it's ongoing. you're not sure how many people could still be inside that building. we're told that about a third of it has already collapsed as a result of this explosion. jose martinez thanks so much for joining us. the information director for the mexico city mayor. we'll continue to follow this breaking news but at this point at least seven fatalities four children we're told as a result of this explosion, a tanker that we learned was servicing this hospital exploded for unknown reason. a third of the building collapsed. an unknown number of people could still be inside. you can see the activity in and around there. some 50 or more evacuated from
8:37 am
there, but 7:00 a.m. local time many children infants, patients and doctors likely inside that building. we'll continue to update you on this breaking news this tragic situation out of mexico city. and let's turn to politics here at home. former massachusetts governor mitt romney seems to be honing his message ahead of a possible third run for the white house. last night romney delivered a campaign-style speech as it's been described at mississippi state university in which he laid out his message on foreign policy and income inequality, all of this while taking shots at hillary clinton and president obama. the event was closed to cameras, but reporters who attended the event said romney seemed more comfortable than he did on the trail three years ago. matt visser rote this is an opportunity for romney to show off a more looser stump style and appeared more at ease than
8:38 am
traditionally as the 2012 nominee, discussing his personal wealth and his mormon faith. joining me now is mark murray. is that the problem, he was too stiff and that's why he didn't win? >> that's what the implication is when people talk about his style. the reason mitt romney probably lost the election was the direction of the nation's economy. you go back to fundamentals and all the nation's economy was improving, though not certainly at the speed it was right now but it was improving. you had a president whose approval rating was near 50% and when you add those things up together, a president normally ends up getting re-elected. going back to mitt romney's speech at mississippi state yesterday, he's certainly not taking his foot off the presidential speculation gas. this is somebody who is closer to a presidential run than not, and i think we all have to consider himself as a presidential candidate until he says no. >> and someone else who maybe wants to be considered a presidential candidate, lindsey
8:39 am
graham. just got news he started a political committee to fund his plan to i believe his words were, mark test the waters. >> right. testing the waters allows you to go travel to try to raise money. before this news tamron we've had only one person who has actually set up a presidential campaign committee, exploratory committee, and that's jim webb former democratic senator from virginia. lindsey graham won his primary and won re-election the past news cycle, considered a moderate on some issues a hawk on national security issues and can you actually see him trying to get into this debate and trying to influence the national security issues. it just remains to be seen though whether what he has to sell is what the base wants heading in to the presidential nom me in 2016. thanks so much mark. >> thank you. this afternoon the nat is set to hold a final vote to approve the keystone pipeline coming 48 hours after senate democrats were successful in
8:40 am
delaying pass afngt bill. yesterday senators voted on a series of amendments to the bill. while it's expected to pass the president is expected to veto it setting is up the first showdown between the newly republican controlled senate. nbc news correspondent kelly o'donnell has more. good to see you, kelly. >> reporter: good morning. we've been talking about keystone pipeline and its fate for such a long time so what happens this afternoon will be a final vote on passage of this bill. this is a bill that has been worked on with both republicans and democrats and one of the ways it's really looked different is that the republicans who control the senate now have allowed for more amendments on just one piece of legislation than we saw all of last year. that's both kind of a nuremical fact and also a political message. they say they are going to run the senate differently. plenty of votes to pass it and not enough votes to override a
8:41 am
presidential veto. we don't really know the ultimate fate of this bill but it's shown the two parties working together over something where there are sill very passionate feelings of those who oppose it and passionate feelings for those who believe it is an opportunity for jobs and some progress and some collaboration, so there's been more voting going on than we've seen in a long time. it will come to a head this afternoon. expect sort of a fleury of news conference where they will all talk about what they are accomplished, but the ultimate end is still unknown. the president has threatened that veto. tamron? >> kelly o'donnell, thanks so much live from washington. up next, threats on twitterer, the fbi is intensifying its search for whoever is behind a series of tweets claiming to have bombed on commercial planes. happened 20 times since this weekend. a live report on this investigation and what sparked a brawl at st. louis city hall. it's one of the stories we're following for you this morning around the "newsnation." what you get is a game of a thousand questions. was it raining? were your
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welcome back. the fbi is stepping up its search for the person or persons responsible for several threatening tweets that targeted at least 20 different commercial flights in the past week. many of the tweets were bomb threats made in the name of isis. nbc's tom costello joins us live from washington, d.c. tom, investigatesors say these threats came from more than one twitter account. >> reporter: yeah. what makes this all concerning is that it's happened so many times over the past two weeks, and as you mentioned more than 20 times just since saturday. oftentimes the bomb threat is tweeted out while the plane is still in the air. the radio traffic between the tower and pilots anything but usual. >> this is fbi just doing a check. how are conditions on board? flight deck secure? >> flight deck secure. passengers are pretty well behaved. starting to get a little bit antsy. >> reporter: happened two dozen times over the past two weeks,
8:46 am
bomb threats presented by someone climbing to represent isis. delta flight 1803 atlanta to raleigh. >> there were dogs sniffing up as we were coming on an off the plane. yeah, it was a little crazy. >> on sunday jetblue 1006 long beach to seattle and then delta 4741 phoenix to seattle, then delta 2061 los angeles to orlando, diverted to dallas after someone tweeted we are isis. we are here. on board sarah who saw the tweet while in the air. >> so to see that and to see someone say we are isis we are here we're on the plane. i mean that was absolutely terrifying because you don't really know what you're looking for. you don't know if someone looks suspicious or not. >> reporter: once on the ground to the plane and passengers isolated and searched. >> everyone's going to have to be cleared. the entire aircraft has to be cleared due to possible threats. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say it appears to be the work of pranksters and copycats not terrorists. the penalty, if caught up to five years in prison and a
8:47 am
$250,000 fine. now, the fbi is analyzing the twitter feeds looking for the footprints that could lead them to a suspect. >> every time there's these additional threats coming in it's actually creating a little bit of a profile that gives authorities more information so they can make better decisions. >> reporter: yeah. for the passengers a huge inconvenience. missed connections, appointments family obligations, that kind of thing and for the airlines it adds up to tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands per threat. you can see how the bill is starting to add up here and the fbi is determined to find out who is behind it. >> absolutely. thank you very much. >> you bet. the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370 last march has been declared an accident. that tops our look at stories around the "newsnation." all 237 passengers and crew members who were on board are now declared dead and the search for survivors is over. the declaration makes way for their families to be compensated. investigators say the flight ran out of fuel over the indian ocean and sunk to the bottom.
8:48 am
it disappeared while flying from kuala lumpur to beijing. no evidence of the plane or the people on board ever recovered, despite several nations searching the indian ocean for months. and the trifle former nateew england patriot aaron hernandez is getting under way in massachusettsch the judge and attorneys are settling last-minute jury issues with opening statements set to begin soon. hernandez is accused of shooting and killing odin lloyd in 2013. if convicted, hernandez faces life without parole. and chaos at the first public hearing about a propose ed meeting in st. louis. the meeting was adjourned early. up next the next president will have a new air force one. we'll get you the specs on it. one of the things we thought you should know. our "newsnation" gut check this
8:49 am
morning. a lot of you tweeted. should parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids be held responsible if it leads to an outbreak? some attorneys are looking now at whether those parents should be sued and be sure to like the "newsnation" on our facebook page. it's good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
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join the news nation on twitter. there's a lot going on this morning and here's some things we thought you should know. california health officials are declared a public health risk and urging state residents to avoid or stop using e cigarettes. they say their declaration is based on toxic chemicals inhaled and exhaled by e cigarette users and recent spike in teen vaping rates and the number of kids they say have been poisoned by e cigarettes. wisconsin governor and potential 2016 republican presidential candidate scott walker is
8:53 am
proposing a huge funding cut for the university of wisconsin system on the next few years. a $300 million cut would be accompanied by tuition freeze. top school officials tell the sentinel it would likely lead to layoffs. rand paul is poking fun at potential 2016 candidates. he tweeted this photo with jeb bush and mitt romney and hillary clinton, writing the same old candidates, things to run from. future u.s. presidents will fly in a new air force one. the next presidential aircraft will be a new boeing 747-8. three will replace the current aging fleet of two. the first is to be delivered 2017 but tested for another five years before presidents take off in it. new details were released on the costs. those are things we thought you should know. it's time for the gut check. it's one of our top stories today, the measles outbreak spreading up to 95 cases in
8:54 am
eight states linked to the california outbreak. health officials are monitoring 1,000 people who may have been in contact in a children's hospital. an opinion piece titled the disneyland measles crisis how to make negligent parents pay. the community cost of infectious disease outbreaks can run into the millions. health officials say many of those infected were not vaccinated and the article suggests nonvaccinated parents should shoulder the responsibility for their actions, whether through lawsuits or families or public health authorities or by imposing a tax or fee as the price of an exemption. what does your gut tell you? should parents who choose not to vaccinate be held responsible if they've contributed to an outbreak go to the web do main go daddy has been known to push the mark with
8:55 am
racy super bowl ads but there was a lot of backlash over this particular spot that showed a lost puppy trying to find its way home only to be sold online by owners using go daddy. we asked you, should go daddy have pulled its super bowl puppy ad. 54% of you said yes. 46% said no. that's closer than i expected. here's a peek at what you had told us brian hill wrote, that commercial is funny, people are too uplight. ann hodges it was in bad taste and i think it would have gained almost zero customers. it's best pulled and not a good idea and the ad person who conceived it needs firing. you don't play. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'll see you tomorrow. you can see us every weekday here on msnbc. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more
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right now, proof of life jordan agrees to trade a terrorist for a japanese journlgist. with no way to know when this video was made. >> i'm kenji goto this is a voice message i've been told to send to you. >> today as the deadline looms and passes the journalist's wife pleaded with isis to release him. more coming up ahead. twitter threats, the fbi is chasing down the source of a rash of tweets threatening to take down a passenger planes. >> sir, fbi. >> affirmative, flight dock is secured. >> a no drone zone four days before the super bowl an army is in place to get the stadium ready. and they want you to know leave the aerial shots to the good
9:00 am
year glim p. >> have fun, cheer on your team and keep it a no drone zone. don't spoil the game. leave your drone at home. ♪ good day, everyone we begin with breaking news in mexico city. an explosion outside a maternity and children's hospital. officials say a gas tank truck exploded outside the building leveling part of the building. at least seven people have been killed 54 others injured, including children. officials say other people may be buried under the rubble. joining us by phone, jose martinez for the mexico city mayor. what is the latest? what do you know about casualties. >> andrea the latest


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